The matte solid color film has a special surface treatment, which has a good matting effect and reduces visual fatigue. This type of product has the characteristics of less crystal impurities, good flatness, clear color, and not easy to fade. The film is ideal for use in interior door, furniture, kitchen and bathroom design applications. It can be applied in many ways, such as using vacuum press technology, wrapping technology or using flat lamination technology. It has impressive flexibility and mechanical characteristics, and can be adapted to the intended use.
신청: 가구, 인테리어 도어, 주방 캐비닛, 욕실 캐비닛.
재료: PVC
처리 유형: 진공 프레스, 플랫 라미네이션, 워핑.
속성: 내오염성, 기계적 강도, 가단성
표면: MDF, MLB, 마분지.폼 보드
두께: 0.12mm-0.30mm
너비: 1260mm, 1400mm
롤 길이: 100-300 선형 미터(두께에 따라 다름)
MOQ 3000 - 5000 선형 미터(두께에 따라 다름)

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